Thursday, August 1, 2013

Favourites: Goodbye July, Hello August

Dark Horse Espresso Bar in Toronto (Queen West location)
I have my arms wide open for August. Having summer school come to an end for me last week was a great relief and I still can't believe that pretty much burned up 3 months out of the 4 of my summer. With today being August 1, I've decided to make it a productive month. But, before I jump onto that, I would love to share what I've found myself loving in the month of JULY. For the 7th month of the year, I have 7 things that I absolutely loved: 

1. Where can I begin with dark chocolate? I always find myself purchasing a new bar of dark chocolate every couple of days. It was not friendly to my wallet, but my tummy (and PMS) was surely a happy one. I always ended up buying the Lindt Excellence brand of dark chocolate since it was the most closely and readily available around me. My most favourite ones must be the Intense Mint (that contains 47% of dark cocoa)and the one that is straight up 90% dark cocoa.

2. Water with lemon, more lemon, and some lime. Just trying to make things a little different for me as I tried to just pass my summer courses, my daily consumption of lemon slices in my water became an addiction. And to make things even fancier, adding a slide of lime made all the difference. In fact, drinking warm lemon water is a great way to kick start for your day!

3.Getting toned with PILATES and YOGA.I really didn't do much in between the days that I didn't have any class. This summer I began running - I haven't done this type of running since high school phys ed. class. I found out my heart was really weak and after running just two blocks, it would be the most uncomfortable pain in my chest. I know, I know - it should get better after a while. But, with so many pilates/yoga studios all around Toronto, I took advantage and did many of the studio's intro. offers. Now, it's a regular practice of mine - probably find me at the mat for at least 4-5 days a week. 

4. The lovely green fruit. Avocados have always been a great favourite of mine and it has re-entered my life again on a consistent basis. I just love eating it with my sandwiches and burgers...mmmm. Fun fact - during the first year of university, how I became great friends with my current boyfriend was through splitting an avocado every night. I know - we're weird. But, it was great to find someone who was willing to eat an avocado straight up with you on a regular (almost daily, but not yet) consistent basis.

5. As much as I am a tea lover, I found myself crawling back for iced coffee for the warm weather. Dark horse espresso has several locations throughout Toronto and I always find myself near one of their locations. They got me HOOKED on their iced mocha with soy! And they recently implemented a point system that you can bank up! That is definitely bringing me back! 

6. Smelling good is always a nice thing to do for yourself and to those hanging around you. Tocca Giulietta was the one scent that I used all month. I actually own the rollerball for it, so it was easy to carry it around with me when I need to quickly re-apply it. It's a very light scent - I promise, it won't be overwhelming. I don't think I'll be changing this scent any time soon either.  

7. Having slow days, the only person to get me through was Bon Iver. An american indie band/singer, his tunes get me through the days. The two albums I been listening to nonstop - For Emma, Forever Ago and Bon Iver (self titled album) - are both around 30 minutes long. Great to listen to when I was taking a study break, getting ready for bed, or just internet surfing. 

Tons of food favourites - kind of expected from me! But, July has been a bumpy ride for me. Can't wait to see what August has for me. 

Talk to y'all soon,


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