Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tea: Sweetened Tea!?

sugar, honey, agave...the list can go on with what you can sweeten your tea with. But, some teas, is already sweetened for you.

And...this is the case for Creamy Caramel by Tealish Teas. 

This was one of the first teas that begin in my tea collection. It's an oolong tea that smells exactly like the name. It has caramel pieces that are in place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Of course, those with an extreme case of sweet tooth, may need to add additional sweetening to the tea. But, for me, it's just enough.

It's a delightful smell and it is definitely one of those misleading teas. Once you take a sniff of the dry tea leaves, the smell of caramel is pretty distinct...even after you brew it, the smell still lingers. But, of course, the taste is no where near the pure caramel smell. It has a very subtle taste.

This tea is definitely an easy loveable one. But, sadly, this tea just screams the quote about how good things never last. 

One - this is going to be my last brew of this tea...probably ever. I have nothing left except the empty package.
Two - tealish teas have actually discontinued this tea. I just tried to search on their website to link the tea, but I kept getting "No products match your search criteria, please try again". 

Sorry for those who were curious to try this tea. But, to give y'all some hope, tealish has a whole section on their website dedicated to dessert teas. Hopefully, I can find another sweet favourite! 

But, for tonight...

This is my last cup of creamy caramel tea...ever. 



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