Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tea: I caved and went to Tealish Teas

I can't remember when, but it was a while back ago...

Tealish Tea took part in offering a voucher sale on WagJag for a coupon to get $20 worth of tea for the price of $10. Without a doubt, I jumped onto that deal A.S.A.P. Since I was on the tea ban, I couldn't go and take advantage of this deal just yet. Days, weeks, and months past - I finally made time to mission out to Tealish Teas on Queen St. W. 

I came across a few baking recipes that call for the classic matcha. This is probably the main reason why I really caved and went tea shopping. 

I was torn between the basic matcha powder or the matcha latte mix ($8.95CDN). The sales associates at Tealish suggested the matcha latte mix for baking since it's already sweetened. She claims that organic matcha powder can be very strong and bitter for baking.

Since i was there, the new tins really caught my eyes. After I sniffed all the testers, I settled with a white tea called "Blueberry Lagoon" ($14.95CDN) - seems to be a good choice to the end of summer, since this blend screams PERFECT for iced tea!

Along with this, Tealish is currently having a sale to get rid of their old tins as they got new ones. For $10, I picked up an old favourite of mine - "Pomegrante Goji". Another great tea to be iced!

A mini tea haul to slowly build up my tea collection again. I'm in love with the tea tins, so I'll definitely be heading back to Tealish Teas in the near future.

Other than that, keep your eyes open for matcha baked goods to show up on this blog!


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