Thursday, August 8, 2013

Music: What I've Been Listening To Lately

Replay, replay, replay...

Having easy days have really affected my music choices. Being addicted to pilates and yoga classes the last month, it has introduced me to tunes that really match my days lately. Per usual, once I make a playlist, it will be on repeat...for days, weeks, and probably months. 

As mentioned in my July favourites blogpost, my ears are filled with Bon Iver, especially his self-titled album "Bon Iver". I absolutely love the vagueness in his lyrics that allows his listeners to all interpret his songs in a different way; making it possible for their listeners to relate their own experiences with the lyrics. The whole album is great, but my definite listens will be for Perth, Holocene, Wash., and Calgary. Also, the last song of the album, Beth/Rest, is a twist to the album - a total different tune compared to the other 9 songs. 

During one of my pilates class, the instructor played a song that really caught my attention. Of course, I would do things the harder way around and attempt to find the song myself instead of just asking the instructor about it. Took me a few hours, but it's found! Higher Love by James Vincent McMorrow was a perfect song for the ending of a pilates/yoga class. With just piano as an instrumental to this song, I'm obsessed with the simplicity of it and his voice along with it.

Been preoccupying my days with pilates and volunteer work, missing someone still takes up a big part of my thoughts. The summer separates my boyfriend and I as we grew up in different cities - and that sucks. Long story short, we spent a lot of time together during the school year and hardly seeing each other for the four month long summer does make me sad. Kind of ironic to me when I found another Schuyler Fisk's song in my recommended for you section of Youtube and it perfectly describes how I was feeling the last few weeks. Fall Apart Today is a perfect love song.

Heading back to some oldies - I've been re-loving and re-obsessing over Coldplay once again. Out of the list that I've been playing, Fix You is hands down my favourite the last week. 

I hope y'all are interested in checking these tunes out. I's a pretty slow and mellow list, but it's what I've been feeding my ears lately! 



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