Thursday, August 29, 2013

Food: Honey Fried Bananas and French Vanilla Ice Cream

I love my french vanilla ice cream and to make it even a sweeter treat, finding the recipe for the honey fried banana was perfect.

About a month ago, I went to a local brunch place with an old high school friend. We took a while to decide what we wanted - we each ordered our own main dish and opt to share french toast with caramelized bananas. My friend LOVED caramelized goods, but it was my first time trying it...and it was delicious! 

Of course, I wanted to make it myself at home and I knew who to go to - Google. I searched up fried banana recipe and came across Rachel Schultz's blog on her recipe for Fried Honey Bananas - you should all go check it out, because it was a perfect addition to my ice cream. 

I used 1.5 bananas and I used it as a topping, along with apple-cinnamon granola on my french vanilla ice cream. It was a perfect treat!

Thank you Rachel!


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