Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Beauty: the end of Murad Hydrating Toner

Toner was a beauty neglect of mine. I never took the time to understand how toner can be such an important part of your skincare regime. I'm probably the worse at explaining concepts, but in one general statement: toners are in place to help balance your skin after cleansing. 

The first ever toner I used was actually the Clinique one from their 3-Step System - which, left me a bitter thought towards toner as it dried up my skin. And after that experience, I pushed toners aside for the next 4 years. After reading about toners on many blogs, I decided to give it another chance. That's when I found myself standing in the skincare section in Sephora unsure of which one to pick up back in March this year. At the time, the chilly weather really hit my skin and dryness was my main concern. The sephora lady suggested me to try Murad Hydrating Toner ($24 CND).

Before I get into my review of this product, Murad's website makes a few claims for this toner:

"Rehydrates skin and neutralizes surface impurities"
"Restores normal pH balance"
"Softens and soothes skin"
"Witch hazel to tighten pores. Chamomile and Cucumber Extract soothe irritation and soften skin"

This bottle comes in a simple plastic spritzer bottle. Nothing fancy. The toner is a light peachy colour - sorry, I didn't take a photo of the toner itself before I used the whole product up. But, the scent of this toner is probably one of my favourite scents ever in a skincare product. It must be the chamomile and cucumber extract that is bringing the nice smell out when you spray it - but, it also has more of a fruity scent. I really can't put my finger to what it exactly smells like. 

At first, the Sephora lady told me to spray it all over my face and then let it sit for a minute before applying my moisturizer. I was actually not a big fan of this method. Instead, I started pouring the product onto a cotton pad and padding it around my face for a more even application. 

Will I repurchase this product again? I don't think so. I didn't find this product beneficial for my skin. Maybe my skin was too dehydrated for this, but right after I pat the product onto my skin, it quickly absorbed away. Definitely wasn't giving me the hydration that I wished to be getting. 

The scent was nice enough to make me happy that I have at least tried this product. But, Murad products, brand as a whole, doesn't appeal to me and this is probably going to be the only product I try from them. 

Have any of you tried Murad products? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below! 


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