Saturday, August 31, 2013

Beauty: Nubar Charmeuse

Nubar is one of those brands that feel like I'm using a luxury item, when it's actually really isn't. But, the quality that the polish delivers definitely stands out from all the other brands that I've been using the past few years. 

Nubar isn't really that easy to find in Canada. I usually find it in smaller nail salon/stores and online. It's a tad pricer than other popular high end brands, such as Essie and OPI - but, what really sets Nubar apart is that it has the free three (free from formaldehyde, phthalate, and toluene); along with this, they are a vegan brand. 

The consistency is very rich and thick. The brush is quite dense. And combine the two, you get perfect application. 

Charmeuse is a deep nude pink colour. It's a colour that can probably suit many skin types. I'm so happy that I was given this colour as a gift - otherwise, I wouldn't have pick it up myself (it's a bad habit that blues and greens attract me)and fell in love with the colour, consistency, and the brand.

My nails for this week and I'll definitely paint it this colour again soon (perfect for the fall season!!!)


P.S. As always, I'm just a normal girl who is TERRIBLE at painting her nails. But, they'll be off the sides in 24 hours...I hope...

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