Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beauty: Pure + Simple visit and skincare change!

Pure + Simple is a spa that was born in Toronto 13 years ago and has expanded since then. Through reading great reviews about the spa, I have been wanting to try this place for some time now. Oddly, my skin never had big concerns for the last few years, except for this summer when it decided to flare out on me. Breakout, breakouts, and more breakouts became very common the last three months. Severely congested and dry skin, with the emphasis in my T-zone area has not been fun. So, I found it was about time to give the place a visit.

Booking myself my first ever facial in my life - I really didn't know what to expect. But, to keep this blog from becoming a huge story about my facial, here is the lowdown of my whole experience (I tried my best to condense it):

  • My aesthetician was very friendly and it made me comfortable right when I met her. Before starting the actual facial, she cleansed my skin and analyzed it. She was extremely knowledgable and explained about my face concerns throughout the whole facial. I learnt a lot about how to care for my skin and why my skin was acting the way it was. And best part, no awkward silences! 
  • When you have your mask on, you get a massage.
  • She explained what products she was using and why.
  • Extractions did not hurt and she explained how the aestheticians at Pure + Simple will never extract something that isn't ready to come out. No purging skin afterwards!
  • Definitely a facial that should be planned for a day or night that you are not planning to do anything afterwards. With the use of natural oils during massage (shoulders, neck, face, and sculpt), you'll definitely want to wash your hair afterwards. 
  • Very nice decor and colour choice in the facial room. Very welcoming. 
  • Never push about their products. Will most likely give you samples instead to try. My aesthetician gave me three samples after my facial. 
Overall, this experience was a pleasant one and will definitely come back to treat myself for more facials in the future!

On another hand, I've been running low on my face products and decided to seek out for a natural skin care regime. I came across REN Skincare and did my research - I finally came to order it on Sephora online. Didn't cross my mind at the time of ordering that it will take a minimum of 2 weeks just to get here...and my toner came to an end this morning (product review in the works!). Didn't know what to do, I've debated with just going to my drugstore and picking up a new skincare regime for a short period of time until I get my order or if I should just go to a Sephora and pick up a trial size skincare set in the meantime. After a whole morning of debating what to do, I remember that I really enjoyed the samples I received after my facial and that I should start my natural skincare regime now!

Made a detour to a pure + simple store today and I picked up two products - the pure + simple sensitive skin face wash and holistic vanity healing immortelle skin tonic. 

Really liked the samples, so hopefully I'll enjoy using these products in the meantime. I do know that the REN skincare line didn't have a toner - just the cleanser and lotion, so hopefully I'll really like the immortelle skin tonic to continue using it along with the REN products that I'll get in the mail soon.

I'll definitely do a skincare routine when I get everything and figure out what's best for my skin. 

If you guys would like a more proper review on the products mentioned above, let me know! 

Until then, my face is excited to be using these new products! 


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