Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tea: What I'm eyeing on!

It's slowly becoming an accomplishment! With my (almost) daily tea and the help of my dad's daily tea, my tea stash has drastically decreased. But, this isn't going to last for long! I'm estimating by the end of summer, I'll be able to lift my tea ban and finally re-vamp my tea stash with some new ones! I've been eyeing on some new teas for a while now... so, I just wanted to share with you all what I'll be excited for when summer comes to an end.


From the look of this quick list, seems like I've been having my eyes on Organic teas lately! 

Of course, this is just a quick list of teas to smell when I go to the stores. But, tea is one expensive thing to love. I'll have to control myself and limit myself to only 3 new teas at the end of summer and then slowly build my new tea collection throughout the year. I'll definitely do a tea haul for you all when this day comes.

Until then, I'll still be steeping my tea collection away! 


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