Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Toronto: Blackouts and Storms

Toronto had a huge storm yesterday that basically left Toronto in a terrible condition. Thunder, lightning, and heavy rain - the worse triple combination. I read from different sources that we received around 123-126mm of rain last night...that's insane. Check out BlogTO for some photos of the storm...pretty crazy eh?

I had a blackout for 2 hours yesterday and another one today for 6 hours. I must say, I learnt a lot about myself (and probably a majority of the Toronto population as well). Without electricity, everyone goes insane. When we were hit with the first blackout, I didn't freak out right away. My first initial thoughts were "Oh well, my laptop was charged earlier today...I still had the internet..." But, having it slip out of my mind, the internet modem and wifi router clearly needs electricity....and that was when I reached my lowest point of the day (of course, there's a little exaggeration there). My brother, especially, has his life relied on the electronics and the beautiful diverse world of the interwebs. So, you can see he literally went insane.

To keep myself occupied, I ate a lot, napped a lot, read a lot, and blasted a ton of music. And now, I have my fingers crossed that the electricity will not fail on us again...anytime soon.

With the blackout, the roads in Toronto/GTA was probably pretty dangerous. Streetlights weren't working, flooded highways, streetcars were all stuck and lined up along the main roads, etc. The city pretty much couldn't run anymore...

Just thought I'll share a little about my life the last 48 hours. It was a really self-reflecting moment for me...literally like a coming of age moment or something.

Does any of you live in the GTA area and was affected by Toronto's storm? E-mail me your stories or leave a comment below! I'll love to read about them


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