Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tea: Rooibos de Provence is as fancy as it sounds!

Rooibos is from an African plant and it is a natural energy-fueled tea that contains no caffeine. When I was first introduced to a rooibos tea (it was way before my tea addiction evolved), I was not much of a fan of the one I sampled, so I pretty much steered away from it for a while. It was not until I was introduced to Rooibos de Provence. It was literally a gift from nature - taste, smell, and colour; it was absolutely amazing. David's Tea does a pretty good job at describing this wonderful mix:

"The scent of lavender never fails to evoke the south of France, with its fabulous mix of tiny villages and celebrity-filled beaches and yachts. So imagine yourself in Aix or St-Tropez, leisurely sipping on this smooth blend of rooibos, rosehip, black currants, rose petals and dried blueberries. It's filled with sophistication"
-David's Tea

David, you sure got it right. It is DEFINITELY filled with sophistication...and I have found a way to make this tea even tastier (and fancier...kind of...)! 

After letting the tea steep for about 5 minutes, mix in a spoonful of honey (I prefer fresh honey) and a splash of milk. The taste just works together so well! 

This is how I always drink my Rooibos de Provence and of course...

This is my jar of tea today. 


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