Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beauty: Russian Navy!

I was feeling a navy and I'm very sad to find that my favourite navy shade is MISSING. I've been a huge fan of Yoga-Ta Get This Blue by OPI. It was a beautiful blue that had a nice simmer to it. Looking through my nail colour selection, I settled with something similar.

Russian Navy by OPI is quite darker. It's a very dark navy nail polish that has purple simmer. With the first coat, you can see more of the navy tone. But, as you layer on more polish, you can begin to see the purple simmer. With flash on the photo you see above, you can see it looks more purple than navy. 

I still prefer OPI's Yoga-Ta Get This Blue over Russian Navy. I hope I find it again soon! 

These will be my nails for the week. The messy paint job would look nicer tomorrow when the sides get cleaned up. 


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