Monday, July 22, 2013

Tea: Chocolate Chili Chai...say what?

Yeah, I know...the name already doesn't give this tea a good start. I came across many teas before that have chocolate thrown into them, which makes great sweeteners for your tea; but, chocolate and chilli peppers?!

David's Tea just simply describes this tea as "HOT, HOT, HOT"

I do agree that when you initially smell this tea, it reminds me of hot chocolate. Even during and after steeping, it has the same smell. What am I saying? This tea has a pretty concentrated smell that the kitchen will smell like hot chocolate once you begin steeping the tea!

Don't get misled by the name. This tea is not a chai tea, it's actually just a black tea. But, after steeping, it does give a chai tea kind of colour to the tea. 

David initially released this tea during the holiday season. I found it in my stash of tea and since I'm slowly trying to finish my stash before I buy any new teas, I'm going to have the winter holiday spirit in the middle of the summer. 

Good thing the weather today has cooled down drastically ending the week long heat wave we had last week.

So, this is my cup of tea today and it is perfect for this "chilly" summer evening. 


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