Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beauty: Chinchilly by ESSIE

I had a phase where I brought way too many bottles of nail polish in a short amount of time. I can't even keep track of which colours I have or not...so, just like tea, I made a self-imposed ban for nail polish.

Except for Saturday...

I saw on the flyer for Shoppers Drug Mart that there was a one day sale on Essie nail polish for $7.99. I also got a coupon online for $3 off. So, it as kind of hard to pass off on $4.99 deal. I have no self-control on sales.

After deciding to break my self-imposed ban, the second challenge was to pick a colour. Stood in front of the Essie stand for probably 30 minutes trying to decide which one to get. As always, I'm drawn to blues and greens - but, I knew I had to expand my colour selection and try something new. That's when I settled on Chinchilly.

It's a grey nail polish, but with a mauve undertone. So, it's a nice light looking grey. I'm really happy I settled with this colour - however...it definitely doesn't scream summer along with it. A colour that will be perfect to fit with the fall and winter season. Can't wait for the fall season to come and it'll feel more fitting to wear this colour regularly!

AND hey - look at how clean my fingers look! Essie's brush is thin, which is a hit and miss for different people. Definitely a hit for me since I'm such a messy nail painter with regular brushes!


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