Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life: Quick Saving Tip!

From my New Years Resolution post, I vowed myself to be a better saver and to rekindle my relationship with my bank account. The last year, I had a terrible relationship with understanding the purpose of my savings account, but not anymore! So far, the year has been good and I just wanted to share a quick tip for y'all!

Grab a jar. Any jar. I use an old coffee bean jar and every time I have spare change (except for loonies and toonies), I throw it in the jar. Once the jar fills up, you can roll them up or bring them to your bank to get it deposited into your bank account!

The last time I got my jar filled, I went to the my bank's coin counter and it added up just a little over $91!

Small change makes all the difference!



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