Sunday, January 5, 2014

Life: New Year "Detox"

As 2014 slowly settles in, I found myself re-evaluating some interests/goals/etc. that I had the last year. I came to the point that these are what I need - they are pretty much like check points to make sure I'm not going insane again.

1. Diet - I tend to put anything and everything in my mouth, which may be a good thing for me since I'm skin and bones for the most part, but at the same time - I know I should be getting myself to eat healthier. Not going to stop eating, I just know I have to be more informed about what I'm stuffing my face in. This one will be a hard one.

2. Procrastination - I know...bad habits are hard to die; but, I'm going to try to get my routine back in schedule. No more excuses for me for not blogging anymore! 

3. No more turning a blind eye on my bank account - My name is Susan and I have a spending problem. I tend to buy small things and they all add up in the end. This year, no more impulse buys and budgeting is something I need to learn to do!

4. Drink more tea - I love tea, but I really slowly neglected it last semester. Back to my daily dose of tea. It truly is happiness in a cup!

5. Open my heart to learn to love everything again - Last year had many ups and downs, especially the last few months really took a toll on me. Being homesick constantly is really unhealthy for me, which really made me depressed. To make myself happy again, I love making those around me happy....just like the good ol' times! So 2014, I'm choosing love.

I feel pretty good about my NY Resolutions. They are sounding pretty reasonable!

Let me know in the comments below what your New Year's resolutions are?




  1. I have a bad spending habit too. And last year was a bittersweet one. So here's to a better attitude. Have a wonderful 2014 xx

    1. You too Coco - I hope the new year have been treating you well so far!