Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Beauty: Hair Oils!

The new year started off cold in Canada and unlucky me, I didn't get snow boots again this year! I went to the mall a few days ago hoping to get a pair after Boxing Day, but little did I realize, every possible store will be sold out. Walking to campus is not fun with my old UGGs as it just gets soaked the moment I step out the door and that's pretty unfortunate I'm stuck like this for probably the next 2 weeks.

On another note, the weather has not only soaked and freeze my feet, but it really taken a toll for the rest of my body as well. In particular, my hair hates this weather. Naturally, I have very coarse Asian straight hair. And of course, along with that, I shed like crazy and you can see it all over my bathroom floor. I tend to opt out of blow drying my hair and the use of other hot tools is a rarity for me as well. Yet, my hair loves to frizz and shoot out those small "fly-aways" all across my hairline. Avoiding the use of hairspray, I try to use hair oils instead to nourish my hair along with taming (as much as possible) fly-aways and frizz. 

The first time I was ever introduce to hair oils was over the summer when my hair salon have just got Moroccan Oil. My hair stylist was raving about it the whole time and of course, I gave in and brought a bottle myself. And since then, I was in love. 

The Moroccan Oil Treatment ($43CDN for 100mL) comes in a glass bottle with a pump. I absolutely love the scent of this oil - it has a very sweet, vanilla like scent. It's quite thick in consistency and has a light amber brown colour to it. The thick consistency may be difficult for some people to evenly distribute through their hair, so you have to make sure you spread it all over your hands, spread it through your hair with a light hand to avoid concentrating all the oil in one spot, and then comb it throughly to evenly distribute it throughout your hair. I know people with fine hair tend to only focus the oils on their bottom half of their hair, but with thick hair, I find I can apply it anywhere on my head and it won't be a grease ball (I guess that's a +1 for thick hair!). I really like Morrocanoil and will continue to repurchase it over and over again, but it doesn't tame my frizzes as well; it just softens my hair and makes it smell good. Plus, it's providing the nutrients my hair is lacking!

I went into Trade Secrets to get a new bottle of this liquid gold since my last bottle came flying off the shelf and shattered all over my bathroom floor (a story I do not want to get into, it was quite a sad moment). As I was checking out, I noticed they were selling these small travel packs of Macadamia Natural Oil products for $4.99CDN - it includes a packet of the Deep Repair Masque, a packet of their Rejuvenating Shampoo, and a mini bottle of their Healing Oil Treatment. This brand has been compared as a cheaper dupe to Moroccan Oil and I have tried their Deep Repair Masque and LOVED IT. So, of course, I couldn't resist but to pick the travel pack up.

I have used the Healing Oil Treatment a few times and absolutely HATE the smell of it. Others have described it as a Sandalwood type of scent, but I think it just smells like medical ointment. It's an absolute strong smell to begin with and I must admit, it really turn the product off for me. I might have been misled a bit, because the Deep Repair Masque does not smell as strong as this and I really don't mind the smell of the masque. As I went with my day, I still noticed the smell...but, my hair was SUPER soft and semi-smooth. The consistency is much be liquidly, if you compare it to the Moroccan Oil treatment. However, I find it easier to apply evenly throughout my hair and it absorbs a lot quicker. 

I really liked the outcome of the Macadamia Oil, but the smell is something I'm not willing to invest in. I think Moroccan Oil wins me over and I would pay that extra few dollars for it any day!

Do any of you use oils in your hair? Let me know in the comments below!



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