Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tea: My All-Time Favourites!

Three years ago, I was addicted to coffee - but I kicked the habit to the curb when I was introduced to tea. Don't get me wrong, but the smell of coffee is probably still one of my favourite scents ever...but, drinking tea was like entering a whole new world.

Over the last three years, I may have accumulated too much of it ... may it be loose or bagged, I had to put myself on a ban. I knew it was nearly impossible for me to finish all the tea that I had if I continued to buy more all the time - even though I'm almost a daily drinker and a regular host for tea parties. But!...my tea obsession is not over. Purchasing is just on a break - but, my love for it is still going strong!

I have looked through my stash and made a list of the teas that I would most likely re-purchase or have re-purchased in the past. It's definitely worth a mention and share with internet world!

(Classic) Earl Grey Tea
How can you not like earl grey tea? It's a classic tea that is perfect with milk (or soy!) and sugar. It is also a great tea to drink straight with a slice of lemon on a chilly night. One of my favourites is from an independent loose leaf tea shop in Toronto - Tealish sells the blend that is just perfect! But, if you're just walking down your local grocery store, I find Twinings Earl Grey to be a great classic bagged tea; it is also perfect for baking! 

If you want to experiment with Earl Grey Tea and a twist, give these a try:

Rooibos de Provence by David's Tea
Rooibos tea is a herb from South Africa. This type of tea will give you a boost of natural energy and has tons of health benefits associated with it as well! This particular blend has a strong scent of lavender, which really drew me into this tea at first. This tea is perfectly fine being served straight and it is also perfect when you add a spoonful of honey and milk/soy into your cup. A definite must try tea!

Pumpkin Chai Tea by David's Tea
One of David's Tea annual fall collection tea, which always have me running to the store during the autumn months to make sure I have stocked up for the year. Go to a store between September and December, take a sniff - thank me later. 

Sleepytime Vanilla by Celestial Seasonings 
A chamomile tea that is marketed to help you wind down and end your day. I wasn't too big of a fan of their original sleepytime tea, but with the added vanilla - it made it my favourite night tea. With no caffeine, it's a perfect tea to be enjoyed without disrupting your sleep cycle. 

What are some of your favourite teas? Share in the comment below!


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