Sunday, August 3, 2014

UPDATE...I'm back on blogger!


I've been gone for a while. I haven't blogged for about two months now - but, I'm back! 
I got carried away with life...all the good, the bad, and the everyday the last two months.  
  • I actually tried re-vamping my blog by moving it to another hosting website. That didn't last very long - I realized it was much easier to blog with Blogger and I knew my way around the website. So, here I am...I never left! 
  • When I started this blog last year, I shared that I went to my first ever pilates class. Never been super active in my past life, I was instantly hooked onto the mat. When I found out about a mat teaching course, I was a little sceptical on my ability and knowledge to actually join the field. With a little push from my brother, dad, and boyfriend to go for it, I'm happy I did. Today, I finished the mat intensive teaching course and can't be more excited to get the full certification soon! 
  • I love trying new things. After the mat course, I wanted to try something different to go along with pilates. Strength and Conditioning. Something that everyone is aware of is so foreign to me. I've been loving the new experiences and exercises - but, I know, nothing will replace pilates for me. 
  • I got hired for a summer job at a local retail store and quit. The job started out very well - the store was full of great products and items that was different than what was sold at your big box companies. The customers were all very friendly. Also, it was my first retail job, so I was excited to learn. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, it twisted around. The boss and I did not sync in any way - our communication was on different ends of the spectrum. No matter what - words was always shoved in my mouth. I tried my best to let the boss know that she's interpreting me differently and I never mean to offend her in any way. However, it starts to turn ugly when she would tell me things like - "for your age, you're not worth anything" or "your positive attitude has to stop". Eventually, as hard as I tried to make it work since it's understandable that people have bad days - it got to the point where she would make me feel terrible on every shift I worked, so I knew the work environment was no longer for me. So, I left and have not dreaded waking up any more summer mornings.
  • I'm still interning in a natural skincare company and I've been loving it. Learning how to mix oils for the perfect recipe to the positive energy around the workspace, it's one of the best thing I've done this summer. Something that I count down the days till I go back in!
  • Dancing taste buds! I've been loving Toronto and all the food it offers. Along with this, I miss the great company of my friends back at home. I love the dinner and breakfast parties we cook up - I have another month of my Toronto friends before I'm back to university. Soaking in the happiness!
And last, I have to share what made me giggle this week. Even though it's the middle of summer, Frosty never melts...

Looking forward to sharing new posts for you on a regular basis. The inspiration have hit me to share snippets of my life with the world...again! 

Love and light <3

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