Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Goodbye Summer with BlueBerry Lagoon

I'm looking at my agenda...and I'm crying. How did 4-months of summer just fly by?! The weather was so crummy and wet for the most part and I just don't have the motivation to go back to school. 

My schedule have been packed the last few weeks since everyone is leaving - just cramming a little bit of everyone in my life before we all go our separate ways for the next 8-months. 

With that being said...I neglected tea for some time. I never found the time to brew myself a cup and just sit down to enjoy it. So, today - I chose Blueberry Lagoon by Tealish Tea to let the last taste of summer sink in. 

Just as the name suggest, this tea has a very sweet scent to it. It smells amazing and the taste is very light and subtle. To make the tea stand out, I added a hint of honey to it. And it was a perfect cup of tea. Unfortunately, my boyfriend's house didn't have any ice - otherwise I would have made an iced tea for summer. 

Hot or Cold, this tea is perfect to remind me of the summer months. 

love & light,

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