Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Non-caffeinated good - ROOIBOS TEA

My name is Susan and I am addicted to tea. 

ROOIBOS. The word that gets everyone going like "what is it? say that word again". This cup of tea is not your typical one. 

So...what is rooibos? 
Rooibos is a plant from South Africa that is also referred to as "red bush". If you search photos up on Google, you'll see that it looks like needle-leaves - definitely not like any of your everyday teas. But, don't be fooled by its' difference. It makes a perfect cup of herbal tea! 

Why is it so good for you?
  • Antioxidant - just like the other types of tea, rooiboos has antioxidants that helps keep your cells strong! In particular, rooibos contains high concentration of aspalathin and nothofagin, which fight against free radicals to protect your healthy cells. 
  • Caffeine free! - so drink up! The rooibos plant grows naturally with no caffeine, so it's a perfect choice for everyone...even for children. 
  • Minerals - this plant is packed full of good minerals to fuel your body. Calcium, Manganese, Iron, Zinc...it's all there to assist with building strong teeth, bones, support for immune system, and distributing oxygen around your body. Rooibos increases iron absorption in our bodies...a definitely plus for females!
  • Happy tummy and gut - another high concentration of flavonoids helps with relieving any upset stomach, indigestion, and cramps. 
  • Post-workout drink - a great drink to enjoy after a workout that is different than the good old water. The minerals will help bring your body back to equilibrium. 
  • Golden sleep - with absolutely no caffeine and high mineral content, it's found to be a very relaxing tea for night time! 
This is just a mini list of the great benefits of rooibos tea! There are tons more out there for this powerful plant. 

Even with the great benefits tea offers, we tend to overlook that tea leaves/plants are big targets for pesticides and herbicides. Especially for someone like me, who consumes large amounts of it on a daily basis, it does add up. It's very important to really consider switching to organic tea if you are a frequent drinker! Another important factor to look into is the tea bag - many companies may be using organic tea leaves, but the tea bag may not be organic! All the chemicals that you are trying to avoid is seeking in your cup of tea. That's why I love Numi Organic Tea - they use organic tea to protect farmers, the planet, and the consumers. They even go as far as making sure their tea bags were not produced with any GMOs or plastic. Double bonus.

I hope you enjoy this cup of tea!

love and light,

Disclaimer - I have purchased this tea (and highly recommend it to all my friends and family!). As always, these opinions are my own and are always genuine!

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