Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life: March Favourites

March went by very quickly - I was swamped with papers, presentation, and group projects. Spent most of my days in the library and at my desk, I really don't have too many favourites this month. 

ALSO, I have this very annoying cough for the last week that doesn't seem to be getting better or worse...and the doctor said "you can't do anything about it, just let it be." Cool, I sound like a broken train for however long this cough decides to stay.

Sooo, back to my 3 favourites in March:

1. Consonant Skin Perfecting Body Scrub (Tangerine) - This scrub is probably one of the best body scrubs I have ever used for the cold season. A mix of salt and sugar with rich thick oils, it leaves my skin feeling moisturized after I step out of the shower. I hope they never discontinue this scrub in the future...I mean, what will my skin do when it's feeling like a sahara desert?

2. Avocados - As a broke university student...avocados are pricey. But, they've been on sale for 4 for $5 throughout this month at my grocery store, so I've been having them throughout March. Perfect to mash up to become a dip/spread, great for sandwiches, and great to just eat on its own as a snack. I hope my supermarket never raises the price on avocados - if they don't, my life will be complete.

3. Better Food Choices - Just as I stated on my New Years Resolutions, I've been pretty good at making this slow transition with my eating habits. Joyous Health and Megan Telpner has been a great source to help kick start my change! 

I hope y'all have a great April start - winter is finally winding down and the weather is warming up!



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