Sunday, April 6, 2014


I have never attended any trade shows before, so when Stacey, the owner of LOVEFRESH, sent me a ticket to the One of a Kind Show in the mail - I was soooooo excited.

I took the train back to Toronto last Friday and coincidently, one of my best friends was also in the city for the day. Got her to come along and now we're both HOOKED to going to these shows.

One of a Kind Show is a show that happens twice a year in downtown Toronto - usually during the spring and before Christmas time. It has all independent, more or less, local businesses. You are truly getting items that you don't see in your everyday mall. This year, they introduced a mini ETSY section in the middle of the whole show.

TONS and tons of food samples around - shortbread cookies, chocolate, olive oil dips, baked goods, nuts, and soups; it's probably worth your ticket value.

I was very excited to see the whole LOVEFRESH line in a booth. I usually get my products from the Ten Spot and they only carry a small number of products. In fact, Stacey actually produces the Ten Spot's own line, GET NAILED, body products as well. Perfect to know that the products are all the same quality.

But, since I was at the show, I had to stock up on more goods. She had a deal of buy 3, get 1 free. So, Shannon and I decided to split it.

I got a new body scent that I never seen in stores - the Pomegranate. The power duo of the sugar body scrub and the body butter.

The sugar scrub is so gentle on your skin that it's perfect for the new changing weather as Spring kicks in. The body butter is extremely rich in good oils. It may feel greasy after applying, so I wouldn't recommend using this cream when you are in a rush to get changed and to run out the door. Perfect cream for night moisturizing and days that you can sit around in shorts and tank top to let it all soak in!

A perfect new duo that I'm so excited to be using in my bathroom soon!

I want to give Stacey and LOVEFRESH another big thank you for the ticket that opened my eyes to more local brands and my new love to go to more shows in the future!



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