Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Food: What I do with my cornflakes?

For a girl my size, I eat a lot. I think my housemates are shocked at the portions and random combinations I tend to make for myself. But, food makes me feel good - so, why would I ever eat less?

Lately, I've realized how much cheaper it is to just buy cornflakes and top it off myself. Don't get me wrong, but Special K is still my favourite cereal...it's just a little too expensive...who am I kidding? It's overpriced. BUT, I found a great solution that makes my tummy even happier in the mornings.

I've been cutting up around 4-6 strawberries and a whole banana to add it to my cornflakes. SO much cheaper and healthier. It's fresh and it's gooood! WAIT, I can't forget to mention chia seeds - I soak about 1 tsp of chia seed in the bowl of milk while I wash and cut up all the fruits.

And if I have any different type of fruits on different weeks, the whole variation changes. It's like having a different breakfast each day!

Tasty and healthy. It's my new obsession.



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