Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Food: Avocado Rice for Lunch!

So, it's extremely snowy out and we're expecting around 20cm of snow throughout the day.  A great day to stay indoors and just eat...and maybe study...actually, I really should be studying for my midterms next week. 

On another note, everyone in my house is sick except for me. So, my housemates turned up the heat and it's probably the optimal ripping temperature for my fruits and veggies. I brought 4 avocados this weekend and I brought a few specifically to slowly ripe throughout the week. NOPE, didn't happen. I went to class on Monday, came home, and all my avocados are screaming "EAT ME NOW". 

So, having to think of ways to be all avo-creative, I decided to mix it into my rice today!

I just made some rice in my rice cooker and once it's done, scoop a whole avocado into bowl and just mix. All the white rice will slowly turn green - add a little bit of lime juice to it and don't forget to add your seasoning of choice (I used garlic powder and ground pepper)! I had a whole container of mixed greens sitting in my fridge, so I had the rice sit on top of some of that good green fuel. 

Along with this, I had half of a baked potato from last night with some sour cream and green onions.

And of course, how can I have a meal without my green tea?

I hope you all enjoy this mini food post. Let me know what you use your avocados for!




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    1. Thank you Ray! It was definitely a change from regular, plain rice!