Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life: Something new - 5 things that made me happy this week.

I don't usually share a lot about my personal life on this blog with y'all. But, a little something has inspired me to make a new category of posts...including a more regular consistent basis for me to update this blog! 

As I started on some new meds, it completely turned me 180 degrees. I was literally depressed the last 5-6 weeks and I didn't realize till I finally hit rock bottom. At that point, I quickly stop taking the meds and went back to the doctor clinic for new ones. And now, the tears have dried up and I'm (almost!) back to the happy Susan that I've always been. 

The power of drugs really act fast and I'm so relieved that I'm no longer on those stupid ones! 


To keep my progress of finding myself again, I am for sure updating weekly on the things that made me smile for that week. It really helps me remind myself of the person I was before that whole phase - the person who used to love to appreciate the small things and always find the bright side to situations.

So, back to the purpose of this blog post:

1. Old photos - I went home for a day and I came across old family photo albums. It's crazy to see baby/childhood photos and realize where you are now. My parents are not photographers and probably had a lot of difficulty taking good photos...but, that's the beauty of this - it was hilarious to find what they did actually catch as a memory forever.

2. Baking - I'm back! I'm back! I'm back at baking. I made two batches of cookies this weekend and the feeling of mixing, rolling, and watching the cookies turn golden have never felt this good before. I blogged about the super easy peanut butter cookies yesterday and the super easy chocolate chip cookies post are coming soon! 

3. tea to be specific! After moving back to university, I found myself not drinking tea as daily as I used to. But, this past week, I've been hooked onto green tea. It's really nice to find myself loving the things I used to love so much! There are three green teas that I've been steeping this week: Stash Organic Green Tea, David's Tea Silk Dragon Jasmine, and David's Tea Japanese Sencha. Mmmm.

4. Friends, friends, and more friends - For Canadian Thanksgiving, I was able to go home for the weekend and see all my friends back at home. It really made me feel better that these friends are always going to be by my side and we all enjoy each other's company over food, tea, and alcohol. I don't know how much I really came to appreciate all the friends that are still in my life - even after moving away from home. And of course, those who I met during residence - those who actually kept in touch and made an effort to do so. You gals and guys all warm my heart...really. I can't ever forgive myself for taking them all for granted the last month - and I promised myself to never let that happen again. The amount of smiles I got from all these individuals in my life this week have been one of the best feelings ever. (Thank you for those friends that are reading this blog!)

And last but not least,

5. My boyfriend - seriously the one guy who stuck by side even when I became a monster with my emotions and lost myself completely. Even after all that, he still makes me smile each and every day knowing that everything will go back to the way it was before...eventually.

Time will heal everything, but it's the wait that gets me impatient. Until then, I'm just grateful for all the amazing things and people that are in my life. 



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