Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Music: Mumford and Sons

I didn't forget about my blog...I promise! Having classes start up again for another 8 months have really put me in a sad mood - I wasn't ready for summer to end. 

I have decided to share what I've been listening to lately...and it's definitely been full of Mumford and Sons (well, the blog title pretty much gave it away). In a nut shell, they are another folk band that I've listened to a few years back; but some reason, I've been hooked to them the last couple of weeks. 

One of their latest songs, Hopeless Wanderer, have been on replay non-stop. A song I definitely can relate to and it's catchy!

Give it a listen! 

I'll be back into the whole blogging routine once I get a routine out of my new schedule - may it be tomorrow, next week, or even 2 weeks from now, but I'll be back.

Hope y'all enjoy this song and video,


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