Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 - January Favourites

I don't know why, but as I get older, I just feel like time flies by A LOT faster. Another year and another month has just come and past.This month is full of new discoveries, re-discoveries, and things I never fell out of love with (full on commitments!). 

1. Cupcakes - I recently moved back home and my parents don't have any baking supplies around the house! And of course, I haven't had the motivation to go grocery shopping (let alone, I haven't had the motivation to unpack my things yet either). So before I get back into my baking kick, I've been indulging and satisfying my sweet tooth with all the amazing bakeries around the city! Who takes the cake this month? Desmond & Beatrice! I visited the east-end a few weekends ago and fell in-love with the little bright shop. I'm hoping to head back again soon and I have my fingers crossed that their Earl Grey Cupcake is there again! 

2. Matcha - always loved it and always will. My daily ritual the last few months consisted of Matcha Lattes! So simple to make and takes amazing. Here's my simple recipe that I shared before. And I've been loving the DoMatcha organic ceremonial grade matcha - the bright green colour ensures me that I'm getting a good quality tea! 

3. Water - so strange to be putting this as a month's favourite...but, really - I've been in love with drinking water. I was on some medication earlier this month and it made me so dehydrated that water seriously was my lifeline. Absolutely love my new camelbak water bottle to go along with this new love. 

4. Oil, oil, FACIAL OILS - I think I'm always complaining about my naturally dry skin all year round. But, the harsh changing winter in Canada ALWAYS takes a toll on my skin and I can't thank facial oils enough to keep it happy and hydrated. A MUST for the winter for me. 

A month full of getting back up and running! Tons of food and self-care - but, slowly getting back into cleaner eating (guilty for having a diet of 60% take out...). 

love & light,

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