Thursday, May 29, 2014

Skincare: What Cleans My Face?

Since my makeup days are over, I've been hoarding and trying new skincare products all the time. With extensive research, I really found myself interested in seeking for natural and organic skincare lines that have ingredients that I can identify myself. My first skincare routine post on this blog received a lot of love, so I decided to share a series of posts of what I'm currently using. Here are the cleansers that I've been loving recently:

This was the first facial wash that I ever tried that is oil based. It includes coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, and castor oil. What I really love about this cleanser is the scent - peppermint and lemongrass are such an energizing combination; the scent that is perfect for early mornings to help wake you up. I usually apply this straight to my dry face, massaging it all over my face (the vegetable glycerin base makes the product look very white on dry skin), and then I slowly incorporate some water to create a lather on my face before wiping everything off. This cleanser doesn't just wake me up in the morning, it really wakes my skin up, making it look and feel brighter, cleaner, and healthier. 

This is a sample I got from the owner. It's really similar to the concept of the oil cleansing method, as the main ingredients to this facial wash are sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. The difference between this facial wash and the oil cleansing method is the other great nourishing ingredients that it has - such as vitamin e and essential oils. It's extremely gentle and very moisturizing for my dehydrated skin. I usually apply 2-3 pumps of the cleanser straight to my dry face, taking a few moments to really rub it all over my face. Then, I would take a hot damp face towel to drape it over my face as a "steam" to open up my pores to really allow the oil to sink in. After about 30 seconds, I'll slowly wipe off the cleanser. A big plus is the scent - very light and relaxing...perfect for ending your day! 

This cleanser is great for all skin types. A foaming cleanser that will not strip away your skin's natural oils. In fact, it does a great job at cleaning your skin from environmental factors and fighting blemishes, as well as rehydrating your skin with Grape Seed Oil. I visit my boyfriend every couple of weeks and this have been in my toiletry bag every time I pack up. It's in a plastic bottle, so it's super light and I don't have to worry about the container potentially shattering and spilling all over my bag. Also, it's easy to use - the foam makes it extremely easy to rub over my face and wipe off with water and hands. Overall, a great cleanser that will not throw off my skin, even if I only use it for a few washes when I'm on the go. 

All three of these brands are based in Toronto - local and organic! Just what I love! The oil-based cleansers are great for keeping moisture in my skin; the last thing I need in a skincare cleanser is for it to be oil striping. This whole combination is helping my skin cope with my diet change and environment change as I settle back home. Have been making my skin feel and look great - a big plus for going bare face everyday. Definitely cleansers that I will be repurchasing and recommending to others. 



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